Cycle Sunday Ride Report - 8th April 2018

Buzzcycles run their Sunday rides regardless of the weather and today we rode mainly in the wet but that did not affect the enjoyment of this long ride. Four riders set off for Ashridge National Trust across Parson’s Close to Grovebury Road and then past the roundabout and second left towards the new housing estate and joining Billington Road at the traffic lights. We headed towards the by-pass, crossing at the roundabout and taking the right turn to Little Billington and Slapton. After cycling through Slapton we turned left to Ivinghoe Aston. Beyond the village there is the climb of over 50 metres to the B489. This will certainly get your heart pumping.

At the junction we turned right then first left to tackle the second part of the hill which winds round Ivinghoe Beacon climbing another 80 metres. Today we were in low cloud. Continuing along the road we went past the car park (yes there was an ice cream van in the mist) until the bridle path on the right which is a superb ride to the Ashridge Monument. The track was muddy in places but its sub surface is stone. Today we decided to stop and have a cup of tea at the café and the rain became heavier and did not stop.

We continued down the long drive to the B4506 turned right then left after 200 metres at the made up road by the estates office. This road goes to the left but we continued straight ahead on the track which had some huge puddles. It was easier to go through than try to avoid them. At the road we cycled past the college and round to the road at Little Gaddesden and left on to Ringshall where we turned right and went downhill to the roundabout on the A4146 at Dagnall. Across the roundabout the undulating road continues to a roundabout below Whipsnade. We went across the roundabout through Eaton Bray and once through the village took the road left to Great Billington. At the junction we went left to the village then right on to the A4146 and up the hill and down the other side. We continued on the road back to the roundabout on the by-pass and along Billington Road and back to the town centre.

This is a ride of 27 miles which took the four experienced riders two hours and fifteen minutes excluding the very pleasant tea break at Ashridge. Yes it is a climb up the Ivinghoe Beacon road but it always leaves a sense of achievement (and of course adds to your fitness).