Cycle Sunday Ride Report - 28th October 2018

Just two of us today set off to ride some bridleways that I have not included on any previous Sunday ride.  We were off to Upper Sundon on the east side of the M1. We cycled along Hockcliffe Road to the turn for Eggington and continued through the village and right to Stanbridge past the old mill. At the junction we went left to Tilsworth and then took the bridleway on the right at the corner past the pub. This bridleway is great for getting off road to the A5.  Unfortunately the bike paths to get across to the Thorn road have been built with poor visibility.  We went right and crossed the by-pass.  Be very careful as the view right is terrible.  Nearly as bad is the crossing of the A5. We arrived at the Thorn road and rode past the huge house building sites.

At Thorn we turned left, crossed the by-pass and picked up the bridleway to Grove Farm where we turned left and followed the path to the ancient by- way which runs parallel to the new by-pass.  This is a joy to ride, the hedges sheltered us from the northerly wind and we could not hear traffic on the by-pass. We arrived at the new 11A junction on the M1 and keeping to the new bike paths rode to the Sundon Road. We continued to Lower Sundon where we went left up to Upper Sundon.  Just before the pub, on the left is a lovely bridleway which goes downhill, through woods (see photograph), over the railway and to junction 12 on the M1.  This will be route that we will return to. 

We rode the bike path up to Toddington and turned right to Milton Bryan. In Milton Bryan we continued through the village to the junction at the north end, turned left and then right towards Woburn.  At the top of the hill we turned left to Potsgrove and then down the hill to the junction where we went left to the Flying Fox roundabout. Across the A5 we headed up and down into Heath and Reach taking the path behind the Cockhorse Inn and then along the Heath road back into town.  This ride was 26.7 miles and it took us three hours but that includes the stop on junction 11A to watch all those people in their vehicles slowly creep south on the M1.  When you see this it makes you very happy to be on a bicycle.