Cycle Sunday Ride Report - 29 September 2019

It was raining, it was windy and the forecast was for more rain and it would have been easy to stay indoors but I didn’t. I set off up Vandydke Road, Eastern Way and left towards Heath and Reach. At the top of the hill I turned right along Overend Green Lane cycling until I came to the junction where I turned right down to the Flying Fox roundabout. 

I went across to Sheep Lane and at the top of the hill turned right along the lane to Potsgrove and on to the junction at the Woburn to Hockcliffe road. I turned right and went past the turns to Milton Bryan and took the next turn right to Battlesden. Along this lane it was clear enough for a photograph looking towards Dunstable Downs. It was then downhill to Battlesden and immediately left on the farm track. 

I had to cycle through a group of peahens. I continued through the gate and with the hedge on my left continued back to the Woburn to Hockcliffe road. Turning right it is a few metres to the bridle path through the gate on the left. This goes on the grass down to another gate. There were so many pheasant around. On to the next gate I turned right up the lane to Tilsworth. Coming to the road at the pub I went left then immediately right to Wingfield.  

Through Wingfield I came to the junction and crossed over along Featherbed Lane. At the bottom of the hill there is the ancient track on the right. The Anglo-Saxon name for it was the Theedway but the track is much older than Anglo-Saxon. Along the track is a turn right which I took through a little wood and round to Grove Farm. I went straight past the farm through the gate and up and over the bridge over the by-pass. This is a stone track and is not the easiest of rides. Off the stone there is a temporary construction track to cross It was a claggy mud which just stuck to my tyres. 

I went up the grassy track with big tyres to Houghton Regis. I made my way right then right again along Tithe Farm Road. At the roundabout in the village I turned right and joined the cycle path on the left just after Morrisons Store. This goes up Dog Kennel Downs, At the blue bridge I turned right down to the busway and at the station crossed the busway and went left following the path back to the A5. I crossed the A5 and went along Brewers Hill Road and turned right towards the football club and took the path on the right round the ground to join the Sewell Greenway. It was a very easy ride all the way down to Stanbridgeford. At the road I turned right and up to Stanbridge.

At the Five Bells I turned right then left up the hill to Eggington. Turning left and through Eggington it was into the wind. I came to the Hockcliffe road and went left and back past the new houses into Leighton Buzzard. The sun did come out in Eggington but it was wet and windy for much of the ride. It was well worth doing the 25.1 miles in two hours and forty-five minutes.